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A well-designed company logo means everything.

The stylish logo will be remembered by your customers and they will remember your service better. From us, you get the cheapest and most modern logo package on the market, which includes everything you need for a logo.

Why would you save 217 € on designing a logo and take the risk of being miserably remembered by your customers?

Describe the logo in the “additional information field” of the order. We will contact you after your order if necessary.
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Why you should order from us?

The price of the logo design we have is the cheapest on the market. Only 217 € + VAT. Even at a cheaper price, a logo design is available, but it does not include everything you need. At worst, you may have to pay more than 600 euros for a logo, and if your company’s annual turnover is no more than 50 million euros, then the money will probably be wasted.

Duration of the logo design? You will receive the logo from us in a week’s delivery.

Order your order today, so complete the logo you already use to get access. It is assumed that we will receive resistances for possible repair suggestions within about a day.

Ordering a logo design has never been so easy. Just go to the top of the page for the product and press “Order Now” and go fill in your details. When filling in the information, choose whether you want the logo with an icon or just a text logo to describe the logo and its purpose. A well-designed logo will convince your customers.
We offer a full money back guarantee for each of our jobs. This way, you don’t have to worry about not being happy with the logo. We don’t want you to pay anything if the end result isn’t on your mind.
We do not use ready-made logo templates or anything related to it. Every logo we make is unique and that’s why so many have liked the logo we designed.
Each logo we design is modern and fits the look of the company. We will listen to your wishes and make a logo for your company based on them. The stylish logo with the company inspires confidence and communicates quality workmanship.

How do we design logos?


Describe your needs to us when ordering. We will contact you if we need more information.


We design and implement the logo according to your wishes and make sure that it also becomes stylish and modern.


We will send you the first version of the logo and ask you to rate it. We will then make any changes to the logo.


We will send you the finished logo in several different file formats, making it widely available to you. The logo is suitable for websites, clothing prints, posters, advertisements, as well as numerous other uses.

Story of logoyritykselle.fi

We wanted to start offering every busy small and medium-sized business the opportunity to acquire a modern logo that suits their operations on a fast schedule. There were numerous logo designers, creators on the market and the variation in delivery times were a lot.

Many entrepreneurs don’t have time to wait several days for offers. Not to mention that you should be able to choose a suitable designer for the logo from several offers…

Also, many entrepreneurs do not have the opportunity to pay hundreds of euros for designing a logo. Not especially if the company is fresh and budget tight. In that case, it’s much wiser to invest a more sensible amount in your logo and, for example, spend the amount you save on a small advertising campaign. This way, you get better results in terms of sales with the Guarantee than if you had invested +600 euros in the logo, for example. For large companies, it may be necessary to spend more time designing the logo, and this will increase the final cost of the logo.

Fortunately, we developed a solution for this and built an online store where you can easily and quickly order a logo design for your company – whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a more experienced veteran.

It is really important that you find a modern and high quality logo for your business if your goals are to communicate a high quality and reliable image to your potential as well as your existing customers.

Order your logo design now and see the draft in a few days!